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Ask: 40.00L for 10% At Valuation: 4.00Cr

Deal: 40.00L for 25% At Valuation: 1.60Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Insoles


Pitch No. 107
Season 1, Episode: 33
Titled: Life-Changing Ideas

About Colour Me Mad

The world is divided into those who love Birken's and those who are wondering what Birken's are. Birkenstock is an iconic brand from Germany that has helped the world discover cork beyond wine bottles. Birkenstock invented the use of cork footbed made from cork oak trees and has revolutionized the way the world looks at cork footwear. When one wears cork footwear, his/her bodyweight gets distributed evenly, ensuring pain relief and improvement in posture. Cork is also a shock-absorbing material and thus safeguards the foot, ankle and knee joints. These benefits of cork and cork footbed are not known to the general public, and one can be mesmerized by its look and texture, because of which it is also popularly referred to as ‘Nature’s Leather’. Trishla Surana, the Founder of CMM, formerly known as Colour Me Mad (, which specializes in pain relief footwear and insoles has looked up to Birkenstock for its bold approach and adoption of cork in footwear. She quotes ‘When I was researching back in 2015, I tumbled upon Birkenstock and was intrigued by their use of cork in footwear. Subsequently, I found out that cork is not just a wonderful material by itself but also works wonders when used in footwear. I instantly fell in love with cork and we adopted it for the Indian market’. The problem with the market is that there are either pain-causing footwear that is badly designed, flat and flimsy offering no support or boring, unappealing medical footwear that no one wants to wear. So, although we have International brands such as Dr Scholls, Fit Flop and Vionic, the footwear these brands make are either too conventional; have a lot of fakes, making it difficult to identify between genuine and knock offs of the brand or often out of stock in design or size a customer wants, since they need to be imported. She further adds, ‘Our insights proved that Indian customers want footwear that is extremely soft and comfortable the moment they wear it. That led us to invent our CMM patented insoles, which are attached to the cork footbed. So, not only are we providing them with the benefit, ergonomics and support of cork footbed but also the cushioning of medical-grade insoles’. CMM or Colour Me Mad as it was formerly known has always used colours to differentiate its footwear and bring it to life with its patented printing technology. One would be alarmed to know that foot pain and conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunion etc. are not only common in senior citizens but also among youngsters, as they are prone to Osteo Arthritis, especially if they are physically hyperactive or prone to injuries. CMM is a disruptive start-up that cares for your feet and is focused on providing foot care solutions using innovation, technology and human touch and has benefited thousands of customers by delivering pain relief footwear and insoles, both off the shelf and customised as per their foot condition. Best of all, keeping in line with their global vision, they have bought a world-class practice to the Indian markets- 15 days, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee for Indian customers. CMM is a start-up recognised by the Govt. of India and has represented India in Milan, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey CMM is aiming to transform the way we look at our feet, which despite being the foundation of our body is ignored by most of us. CMM takes pride in the joy and satisfaction it has received from serving customers in pain and discomfort and has collected numerous stories to cherish along the way! One such story is of a Mumbai based customer, Ms Meena Shah who was unable to stand on her feet for more than 15 minutes because of her painful bunion. CMM analysed her case and offered her bunion correction footwear. Now, she can stand on her feet for 3 hours nonstop and can’t stop smiling due to CMM. She says that CMM has transformed her life and given her the confidence to pursue the life she had dreamt of. Responding to Covid 19 pandemic, CMM has revolutionised the way patients get medical consultation and buy orthopaedic footwear and insoles and taken the whole model online, making it completely contactless. One can get into a video consultation with a CMM in-house Doctor from the comfort of his/her home or office and get the solution to their foot, ankle, knee or lower back pain. For customers requiring customised footwear solutions, CMM sends a foam box to its customers to take the foot impression along with few measurements of the feet. These measurements can be taken either manually or on the app designed with its technology partner, Find Me A Shoe, based out of India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore. On receiving the foam box, CMM designs the insoles and the footwear for its customers based on their specific needs. The footwear is handcrafted and its quality is assured by CMM’s Production Head, Tarik Ali, who works out of his village, near Lucknow in UP. Trishla jokingly adds, ‘We spend most of our time and money making sure we look good. In the process not only do we ignore our feet, we often abuse them by wearing heels and tight footwear, leading to foot conditions, such as flat feet for instance. Next time you go to bed, please do look at your feet and also pamper them. They deserve it. Trishla and her cofounder, Rajeev, who is the Chief Disruptive Officer of CMM, are always looking to provide customers with new products, value for money pricing and great substitutes to imported products seamlessly delivered to their homes. Rajeev adds, ‘CMM is an Indian startup with a global mindset, always on its feet and ready to conquer the world’.