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Ask: 30.00L for 7.5% At Valuation: 4.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Reversible and convertible clothing

Founders: Niti Singhal

Pitch No. 112
Season 1, Episode: 34
Titled: Scaling Ambitions

About Twee in One

Making the clothes functional from both the side is a challenge and technical. Our trained artisans make brilliant construction of the outfits for you to flip and reversible anytime and anywhere. Each Twee In One outfit goes through multiple process of high grade stitching, fabric processing & quality checks for your seamless experience. The rat race of being the first has highly affected our planet. Fast fashion is the 2nd largest pollutant globally. The amount of water, fabric which gets wastes is astronomical. Reversible & Convertible clothing is nothing something we invented but we perfected it. We just don’t offer 2 looks but we give two completely different & opposite looks. From the neckline to colours, everything changes!!