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Ask: 50.00L for 4% At Valuation: 12.50Cr

No Deal

Idea: Washroom Finder


Pitch No. 116
Season 1, Episode: 35
Titled: The Final Destination

About Woloo

Ask a woman if she is comfortable using a public toilet and you are sure to get a vehement, “No.” Despite the fact that our population includes approximately 48.1% women, there are no clean, safe, and hygienic toilets available for them in public places. With a vision to provide hygiene dignity, Woloo brings a tech enabled loo-discovery platform app that helps women to locate the nearest washroom, whenever they are away from their home or office. The Woloo App is currently available on Android devices with the IOS version to be launched very soon. Each washroom follows a standard protocol to ensure safety, cleanliness, and hygiene therefore ensuring that women do not have to think twice before walking into a Woloo enabled loo. These washrooms are certified in association with the Toilet Board Coalition (A global non-profit enterprise working under World Bank to improve sanitation standard across 40+ countries) and the Woloo Assurance of Hygiene (WAH) based on safety, hygiene, and accessibility parameters. Woloo intends to expand city by city across India, hence the path ahead is long, fun, and intense! Starting with maintaining and certifying over 1500 ladies’ toilets across Mumbai, Woloos will soon be available in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Bangalore. And that is not the end, it is just the beginning! We believe that access to hygienic sanitation facilities is a basic need for everyone. With Woloo, we hope to ensure that sanitation facilities that are safe and hygienic are easily accessible for all women.”