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Ask: 1.00Cr for 2.5% At Valuation: 40.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Carenting for Elders


Pitch No. 117
Season 1, Episode: 35
Titled: The Final Destination

About Elcare India

ElCare is a socially conscious healthcare services start-up with an aim to provide security, care and quality end-to-end at-home services through a team of ex-servicemen and industry experts. “Carenting” is our way of caring for the elderly, like we would for our children. They are more prone to sickness and have needs that we can fulfil which they may find it difficult at their age. They need company to resolve their loneliness and to feel safe. Facts show that long term palliative care is missing in India in majority families, with most of them not looked after by anyone. Only a small fraction earns a pension and may not even live with their families, caring for themselves. Elcare is committed to bridge these gaps, normalising “Carenting”, in every house. In sync with our core beliefs and values, our logo is constructed to signify people of old age taken care of by our nurturing hands. They are connected within a circle representing 360 degrees of wholesome care undertaken by our expert CareMates and CareAngels amongst other on-panel experts.The society of elders have given us unconditional love, shown us parental support, taught us lessons from fables, made us who we are today and built a sense of community that is perfect for us to grow in. It is now up to us to give back, while they are in their second childhood. We hold the power of a disciplined background and loving hands tending to their everyday needs. Now you no longer have to choose between your career or education aspirations and the care for your loved ones. It is not just company that they crave, but to undertake daily responsibilities and activities. Elcare provides a safe haven, cocooning your family members like one of ours, making every day easier to achieve with a sense of familiarity and self-actualization with our passion to making moments into more memories, while still living in the comfort of their own homes.Love as well as moral obligation are the driving factor to attempt giving back to our parents how they brought us up as children. It is time for us to nurture their new adolescence. While our professions separate us, our moral obligation to address their daily needs feels incomplete even at best effort. With Elcare, no senior citizen should have to feel lonely or unattended to. Spending time with them is just a minor part of what you can do, but what is required more is focused attention to making their life easier and convenient as they saunter towards their sunset years. With a team of experts from the defense background, we are soldiers who were defending our country, now looking after those who made the country what it is today. A call away, the family of Elcare shall be ready to address any emergency, crisis, or even regular assistance to help fulfil the basic necessities for our founding fathers and mothers.