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Ask: 75.00L for 3% At Valuation: 25.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Kombucha

Founders: Rebekah Sood, Ariella Blank

Pitch No. 128
Season 2, Episode: 3
Titled: Thrilling And Thunderous Pitches

About Atmosphere Studio

Fresh Gut Healing Kombucha. India's Finest Kombucha. Order online and get it delivered to your door in 24 hours. Available in Delhi NCR. True to our name, our purpose is to create an atmosphere where we can all thrive. Since our launch in 2018, we’ve kept one thing at the forefront of all that we do: gut health. We’re dedicated to educating our friends and followers about the benefits of a healthy gut through our line of health-boosting products. From kombucha and kefir to raw vegan cheesecakes, all our products pack the goodness of probiotics and prebiotics for a happy, healthy gut. While we’re based in New Delhi, our journey began in the foothills of the Himalayas, where our founders Rebekah and Ariella grew up in the lap of nature surrounded by forests, clean air, pure water and locally-grown produce. They carried their understanding and passion for a clean life to New Delhi, where they began working in the wellness space. Rebekah set up FabIndia’s eatery FabCafe, while Ariella worked with Organic India and then set up her own nutritional therapy practice. Atmosphere was born as a result of their own experiences with the negative effects of a busy lifestyle and a polluted environment. The benefits of cultivating a healthy gut on their health and energy levels were so incredible, they decided to share their knowledge with the world. Our phenomenal team led by Rebekah and Ariella includes a strong and inspiring female workforce. We are proud to be able to create opportunities and support livelihoods for a growing team of women from diverse backgrounds. We're building our brand in a consciencious way that creates a healthy atmosphere for our team, giving our female employees a sense of empowerment and the knowledge that they are needed and cherished. For many of them coming from difficult backgrounds, Atmosphere provides a sense of belonging, financial independence and a chance to dream. So when you buy an Atmosphere product, you strengthen the positive system!