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Ask: 75.00L for 3% At Valuation: 25.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Sustainable Sneakers

Founders: Ganesh Balakrishnan

Pitch No. 135
Season 2, Episode: 5
Titled: Investing In The Future Of India

About Flatheads

Shoes for your life, not just your feet Flatheads makes everyday casual footwear for your urban lifestyle. We keep it simple, but classy. Subtle, but distinct. We make T-shirts, but for your feet. Our Philosophy We believe that what’s on your feet is a reflection of who you are and what you believe in. That’s why, each Flatheads shoe is designed keeping in mind your every day. Revolutionizing The Way You Look At Footwear We reimagined footwear to go beyond the functional. And we do so with the help of innovative materials that make sense and thoughtful design that is relevant to you. Then, we package this piece of footwear with the subtle charm of minimalism to create an understated everyday accessory that fits right into your lifestyle. What’s In Your Shoes? Just as you are ever adapting to the world around you, as is our footwear. Our team backs every piece of footwear with research that points to the most innovative, efficient and useful materials that go into your shoes. Natural Bamboo Fiber We are the first footwear brand in India to turn bamboo into a high performing shoe fabrication. Not only is bamboo a natural fiber, it is also lightweight, flexible and breathable and lends the same properties to our shoes. Additionally, natural bamboo fibers are temperature regulating, moisture-wicking and odour free. This means, your feet stay cool, fresh and sweat free all through the day. How Do We Make Your Shoes? Thoughtful design lies at the core of our philosophy. Our team breaks down each component of your shoe to carefully analyze and optimize it to provide you with hassle free usage and maximum comfort. Aerflo Technology To increase air flow and breathability in your shoes, we use a unique open knit structure which allows the movement of air in and out of your shoe, as if it were actually breathing! This unique knit structure also makes the fabric stretchy while staying resistant to wear and tear. Our shoes also come with… Cushiony Soft PU Foam Insoles |Shock And Water Resistant EVA Soles| One Time Lacing Technique | Snug Fitting Heel Closure And more.Our best minds are constantly challenging themselves to make your shoes better each day. What Do Your Shoes Mean? Your shoes can say a lot about you. And we want ours to tell your story as you live it everyday. Our shoes stand for you when you’re being you. That’s why they’re designed to neither stand out, nor blend in but rather get noticed, effortlessly. Just the way you want to. Understanding the Understated Our shoes walk the fine line between making your feet feel good and making you look good. We’re determined to bring the understated aesthetic into everyday fashion through brand values that align with simplicity, minimalism and effortless elegance. All while staying versatile! This means, our shoes are as fashionably relevant in a boardroom meeting as they are for a Friday night with your buddies.