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Ask: 50.00L for 5% At Valuation: 10.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Restaurant serving 80 types of Maggi

Founders: Arpit Kabra, Yash Patel, Rahul Daga

Pitch No. 14
Season 1, Episode: 5
Titled: Hunt For Interesting Business

About Hungry Head

The brainchild of Revolution Foods Pvt. Ltd, Hungry Head is an initiative of three Hungry Heads namely Arpit Kabra, who comes with technical expertise in food production, Yash Patel and Rahul Daga, both entrepreneurs in their own right and self-confessed foodies who love to travel. The trio’s tryst with hotel management coupled with their travel experiences laid the foundation of the idea to create 50 different varieties of Maggi. These creations promise to be a blend of both global and desi flavors. With an expansion plan in place, Hungry Head hopes to branch out to different parts of the city and make their scrumptious noodle fest available to students and professionals across Mumbai.