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Ask: 35.00L for 20% At Valuation: 1.75Cr

No Deal

Idea: Sleep Quality Enhancer

Founders: Hardik Rathore

Pitch No. 148
Season 2, Episode: 9
Titled: Invest In Lifestyle

About Coezy Sleep

We’re a Father & Son team from Rajasthan, India with different backgrounds but a similar purpose— we want to help Indian's sleep better. With Father's experience and Son's knowledge and creativity, we make a great team that’s dedicated to improving your sleep quality and helping you to relax. We Understand Importance of Quality in Sleep. We know how important sleep is, for our physical and mental wellness. We spend ⅓ part of our life/day sleeping and quality of sleep matters for results in rest ⅔ part. As India is the second most sleep deprived country & every one out of four is suffering with sleeplessness & anxiety and a lot are struggling to get enough quality sleep. That's Why we come with idea of Sleep Wrap so that we can help Indian's sleep better. We are thriving hard day and night to improve your sleep quality and helping you to relax. We are providing first it's kind deep sleep solution in India for people facing issues in sleep and anxiety. It is based on the proven science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy to help you sleep better.