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Ask: 50.00L for 5% At Valuation: 10.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Cibil score for Group of Friends

Founders: Gaurav Kundra, Gaurav Sharma

Pitch No. 150
Season 2, Episode: 10
Titled: Zillionaire Banne Ki Chah

About Credmate

Credmate founded in 2019 is a consent and promise based mobile application platform which records the consents and promises as well as assigns a rating based on the fulfilment behaviour of the user who has kept his promises well or has ever defaulted on his promises. So the motto of Credmate is to monitor the promises till theses are fulfilled and provide the detailed promise fulfilment behaviour analysis of the user, thus helping in decision making whether to proceed with the specific user holding bad Consent/Promise completion behaviour in the past or not. It is worth mentioning here that broken promises denotes abrupt breakdown in trust for the promiser. CredMate, inspired by a single goal aims to be a platform which can act as a Trust protocol and rank the users based on his past promise keeping behaviour in real time ,and making this world fraud-free thus ensuring that no one can become next victim or fall prey to a fraud in lack of this necessary information. After completion you can delete the records Once the promise is fulfilled and closed by entering the OTP by the receiver, it can be deleted forever and can never be recovered. Even, Credmate team cannot help to recover once deleted. So user is suggested to delete only those records which need not to be recalled again. Ledger User need not to worry about the record maintenance of their respective parties, pledgers or promise patrons as Credmate itself is maintaining the Ledger, showing you the detailed list of recorded promises. Ledger can be exported to pdf format if required. Real-time Update Consent and promises made on Credmate platform are updated in database along with their realtime status as “completed, not completed, rescheduled, delayed & settled” promises and accordingly the rating is assigned to users. By looking at the previous recorded history of a user’s promises ,the donor can make the next decision right without worries of being unaware about realtime trustworthiness of its promisor