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Ask: 1.00Cr for 2.5% At Valuation: 40.00Cr

Deal: 1.00Cr for 2.5% At Valuation: 40.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: AI-based Medical Device

Founders: Arun Agarwal

Pitch No. 156
Season 2, Episode: 12
Titled: Pitchers Ki Undying Spirit

About Janitri

For the last 4 years, we are focused on the rigorous study of mother and baby's health and with the help of extensive R&D, we have developed precise fetal and maternal monitoring devices and software. Our Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System uses patented technology to help hospitals and clinics provide better care for expectant mothers and their babies. By monitoring vital signs and other data remotely, we can help identify potential problems early and provide the necessary support to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.