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Ask: 40.00L for 5% At Valuation: 8.00Cr

Deal: 40.00L for 20% At Valuation: 2.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Size Inclusive Clothing

Founders: Sangailungliu "Asana" Riamei, Vishakha Bhaskkar

Pitch No. 159
Season 2, Episode: 13
Titled: Up And Coming Business Ideas

About Angrakhaa

To the women who facy subtle clothes and are mostly found in the clothing section that reflects comforst and reliability - we heard you! Angrakhaa stands for comfort and prioritises your overall well-being when it comes to clothing, literally. Being a brand name that speaks for itself, we have breathable collection that is not only relaxing but also sets a benchmark for quality and trend. The sole aim of Angrakhaa is to encourage all women to believe that there existts a brand that just wants them to dress up irrespective of anything and everything that stops them from doing so. Angrakhaa ins't just a label, it's a feeling of acceptance and our clothes radiate the warmth of body positivity.