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GhaziabadUttar Pradesh

Ask: 51.00L for 1% At Valuation: 51.00Cr

Deal: 51.00L for 6% At Valuation: 8.50Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Adventure Safety Gadgets

Founders: Smratika Sharma, Abhay Sharma

Pitch No. 161
Season 2, Episode: 14
Titled: Investment Worthy Ideas

About Kyari

We want people to explore outdoors more often and connect with nature on every level possible. Making use of our skills in technology and our passion for adventure, we innovate products that are disrupting the adventure market. We want to equip the adventure seeker of today with products never seen or experienced before! We come from the Ghats of the Ganges and the Foothills of the Himalayas. As innovators, we have always tried to leverage our technical expertise to protect the wildlife and its protectors. In the past, our product Smart Stick has successfully defended brave forest rangers and forest guards from the attacks of wild animals like Tigers, Elephants, Bears, and Leopard. Smart Stick Guardian has had a versatile legacy. Ferocious Wildlife Encounters, Dense Rainforests, and Turbulent Rivers; Guardian has experienced it all, and so have we. And now we are here - bringing our experience and tech to make adventure safer for all. Kyari's mission is centred on a deeply held belief that humans are inseparable from nature. Nature is meant to be explored, cherished and protected. We feel the only way to enjoy nature is to be one with it. No matter how people choose to connect - be it camping, sailing, fishing, hiking or mountain biking, we wish to be a part of their journeys in getting closer to nature. Using Kyari products as catalysts, we hope to enrich people's lives with adventures, explorations and provide them with an experience of a lifetime. Our products are built with intuitive design and emerging technologies. Nature inspires us to innovate. We make sure we design and manufacture products that aspire people to be one with nature. As a business, we understand our responsibility towards the environment. Our processes are sustainably designed and produce minimum carbon footprint. Our motto is to produce less waste, maximise productivity and enhance creativity with minimum resource consumption. Our mission is to make products that add value to the society and individuals. Empathy helps us connect with our customers and supports us in ensuring employees' wellbeing.