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Ask: 50.00L for 8% At Valuation: 6.25Cr

No Deal

Idea: Plastic recycled Furniture

Founders: Ashish Modak, Bhushan Boob, Madhur Rathi, Roshan Pidiyar

Pitch No. 163
Season 2, Episode: 14
Titled: Investment Worthy Ideas

About Econiture

Recycle Bell Private Limited under its brand name RE-BELL tries to solve the problem of urban waste management by minimizing the amount of waste that’s being sent to the landfills and increasing the amount of recyclables recovered from the waste. We focus on the dry component of the total waste, which constitutes 20-25% of the waste generated and is tough to manage. The operations deal with collection of dry waste material, its segregation and selling it to authorized recyclers. RE-BELL works on the principal of circular economy where waste in recycled into new products. The ultimate objective of company is to provide recycling solution to every recyclables. Econiture furniture are made from 100% recycled plastic which diverts plastic waste that would have been destined for a landfill or ocean. Econiture epitomizes versatility and innovation that can be achieved in post-consumer plastic waste. The recycled plastic lumber is nonporous, nontoxic and a clean product free from any metallic inclusions. These products are ecofriendly because it lessens deforestation and saves natural resources. Econiture Benches manufacturing process does not use any chemicals or color pigment while manufacturing.