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Ask: 50.00L for 10% At Valuation: 5.00Cr

Deal: 15.00L for 10% and 35.00L Debt At Valuation: 1.50Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Child Safe, Toxin-free & Development-friendly Art Supplies

Founders: Neha Bajaj, Karen Saldanha

Pitch No. 184
Season 2, Episode: 21
Titled: Adhbhut Aur Anokhe Entrepreneurs

About Dabble

Let oranges, reds, greens, yellows, blues fill our children’s’ days. Let them make triangles from circles and spaceships from squiggles. Let our children dream with their eyes open. And express all of it. Let us let our kids be the best of who they are. We emphasize on natural and safe ingredients. Because we do not want to hold our children back because, rightly, as parents we do worry about chemicals, toxins and additives. And so our mission started with a question. “Where are the child-friendly products for art and play?” Once upon a time, not so long ago, Karen and Neha, could not find enough brands every time they searched for safe art products for their kids. Being moms they were a bit disappointed. Being trained art therapists they knew something was missing. So they decided to take a shot at it themselves. Small experiments in their kitchens were followed by long hours in a rented workplace. Crayons, paints, bath art, all kinds of products were made by hand. All kinds of organic and natural materials were tried. Every batch of products they made were turned over to the most vigorous of testers – their own kids and their kids’ friends – to play, colour and use any which way they wanted. We commissioned an industry-reputed Cosmetologist with specialised skills in developing child products. At every stage of development, art teachers and occupational therapists were brought in, their views sought and changes made. Products were shared with parents in closed focus groups and their feedback was also taken. Till everyone was happy with the final results. But then having the product is only half the story right. After extensive searches and discussions we found the right quality conscious manufacturers to produce them and right vendors to supply the raw materials. A team of Food Specialists and Technologists certify every batch we make. So we are here now speaking to you with our first set of offerings – crayons and finger-paints. They are totally natural and non-toxic. Everything is just right, because nothing less will do for our kids. Love, lots of love. Caring. Sharing personal touch. Whatever we do, we do it with a love for what we are doing, a sense of caring for everyone involved – the kids who use our products, the parents who buy our products and the teams who work with us. And we want to share our efforts with everyone. We hope our efforts make a big difference for kids to grow up in a world that’s truly free. What started as a conversation between Neha and Karen had turned into a family of Dabblers. Technologists, entrepreneurial pros and marketing experts are all part of the development work at Dabble. Pooling our ideas together helped give a better shape to our products. And there was no looking back, we incorporated our company under the name Dabble Playart Private Limited