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Ask: 1.00Cr for 2% At Valuation: 50.00Cr

Deal: 1.00Cr for 4% At Valuation: 25.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Child Development App

Founders: Raghav Himatsingka

Pitch No. 19
Season 1, Episode: 7
Titled: A Never Give Up Spirit

About Raising Superstars

Raising Superstars is a worldclass team of engineers, early childhood educators, doctors, and consulting professors led by Raghav Himatsingka (Stanford Univ.) and his wife Shraddha. They're both dedicated parents who started this journey primarily to help their own son become the best version of his own talents. However, the results that they saw blew them away, and what started as a simple initiative turned into a full fledged venture which now serves parents across the world in more than 30+ countries.