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Electrical Vehicles


Ask: 40.00L for 15% At Valuation: 2.67Cr

Deal: 40.00L for 50% At Valuation: 80.00L

Investment By:


Idea: Renting e-bike for mobility in private spaces

Founders: Rutvij Dasadia

Pitch No. 2
Season 1, Episode: 1
Titled: Badlegi Business Ki Tasveer

About Booz Scooters

A team of young engineering graduates and couple of industry experts set the course to dive deep in one of the hottest growing industries across the globe. After countless office hours and plates of pizzas - a mobile app, an electric kick scooter, mobility infrastructure a first in industry business model were developed and deployed at various public spots and business premises across the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar City with a fleet of just 20 Booz Scooters in January 2020. By doing so, Booz becomes the first Civic Body approved operator in South Asia to deploy such electric kick scooters for city public spots.