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Ask: 56.00L for 7.5% At Valuation: 7.47Cr

Deal: 56.00L for 33.33% At Valuation: 1.68Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Prickless Diabetes Testing Machine

Founders: Duvvuru Varshitha Reddy

Pitch No. 23
Season 1, Episode: 8
Titled: Shark Ko Impress Karne Wale Ideas

About Vivalyf Innovations

We are a team of Health-Care Industry Experts and Provisioners Providing with easier, more Convenient, and faster Access Solutions VIVALYF INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD. is a Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) recognized startup working in the domain of Healthcare & Life Sciences and Healthcare Technologies under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s StartUp India Scheme.Values, communication, and trust are the foundations of our core ethics and principles. We are sympathetic to the consequences of our decisions and actions.Meet Our Team: Duvvuru Varshitha A Biotechnology graduate with a strong interest in R&D, Design Thinking, and hardware prototyping. Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Innovation are among her areas of interest. She is passionate about changing people’s lives and assisting them in living a better and happier life. She is an inquisitive learner who does a lot of exploring and is passionate about addressing real-world problems. She is always looking for new challenges to tackle creatively. Vimal Kumar R N Vimal Kumar is an electronics engineer who is dedicated to combining new science and technology to address the world’s most pressing problems and develop appropriate solutions. He is enthusiastic about electrical design, innovation management, and medical and healthcare technologies. He thinks almost every day about utilizing technology to make health care and Medicare, more engaging and accessible.