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Ask: 25.00L for 5% At Valuation: 5.00Cr

Deal: 25.00L for 20% At Valuation: 1.25Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Male Intimate Hygiene

Founders: Ananya Maloo, Anushree Maloo

Pitch No. 28
Season 1, Episode: 10
Titled: Passion About Entrepreneurship

About Nuutjob

We got a little nutty to save the nuuts Nuutjob is founded by two women (Anushree and Ananya) who understand what outdoorsy men are missing. We know what sun, sweat, wind and pollution- not to mention the dirt and grime of daily life can do to the hygiene of their man parts. But there are no options out there. So we took matters into our own hands. The result? Simple, natural, Men’s grooming products for man parts. As part of our brand mission, we aim to educate and entertain while spreading a very important message about male hygiene. We create no-nonsense products without any harmful ingredients, senseless rigmarole or needless middle men. We’ve engineered, tested and re-engineered products that work as hard as you do, specifically designed for male skin. And we make them simple to use.