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Ask: 50.00L for 5% At Valuation: 10.00Cr

Deal: 50.00L for 15% At Valuation: 3.33Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Wall Building

Founders: Mohammad Ekbal, Saransh Anand, Kranti Anand

Pitch No. 32
Season 1, Episode: 11
Titled: Investment Paane Ka Sapna

About ARRCOAT Surface Textures

ARRCOAT Surface Textures, India’s 1st Premium decorative surface plasters company was founded. The necessity of the product arose from a lack of Indian origin products which are sustainable and high quality.The product surged in gravitas when the appeal for environment friendly products rose in the architectural community in India. Originally a product of Italy, this product found its newest home in ARRCOAT. With extensive research and development on the regular Polished Plaster, We have further enhanced the quality and the life of an age-old material to suit the needs of today.All our products are derivatives of Marble and Limestone. These cover all types of textures, with great flexibility and fluidity in its heaviness, gloss, thickness and shine. You can now direct your walls to look exactly the way you envision. Also, ARRCOAT is 100% sourced and manufactured in India making it India’s homegrown Jewel to the World. One of the biggest manufacturers of Marble in the world, Indian Marble is known for its long life and high lustre. Which is what makes ARRCOAT's products extremely consistent and stable as compared to it's international equivalents. The brand aims to provide superior quality international decorative surface finishes at an affordable price. The ingenuity of this product lies in its ability to churn out newer finishes as per any design requirement. Along with the traditional finishes like Concrete, Travertino, Ragged, Smoothe, Pitteed, the material allows you to go further and come out with modern and fresh designs. And with this we want to put the Indian Plasters on the world stage.