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Ask: 40.00L for 5% At Valuation: 8.00Cr

Deal: 40.00L for 24% At Valuation: 1.67Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Metaverse App

Founders: Krishnan Sunderarajan

Pitch No. 36
Season 1, Episode: 12
Titled: Ek Idea Aur Uske Do Sides

About LOKA

Loka is a Metaverse Multiplayer Gaming App based on real locations, populated by real players & experiences powered by hundreds of 3rd Party Apps. Loka is built on the pillars of Social Engagement, Gaming, E-commerce, Content & Entertainment. In the game world, you can explore the streets & by-lanes of Delhi's iconic Connaught Place area including the bustling Central Park. Here, you can do pretty much anything you like from Talking to fellow players to Watching a movie at the Odeon Theatre, to Shopping from your favorite brands like Nykaa, Zara, Nike, etc., to ordering some delicious cheese burst from that pizza place you love so much or even go Dancing with your friends at the Amphitheatre DJ floor on some groovy dance numbers. The Game Map also comprises goofy, quirky NPCs (Non-Player Characters) or Bots who can surprise you with their witty dialogues & funny anecdotes. We have also tried to recreate the feel and vibe of CP by adding Ambient Background Sounds and Spatial Audio extracted from the real location itself. So next time you're visiting Connaught Place in Loka, you will hear the noises of traffic, people, birds, children playing, etc. just as you experience in the real world. Also, we're expanding into locations near you like Marine Drive in Aamchi Mumbai, MG Road in Namma Bengaluru, T-Nagar in Singara Chennai. Our aim is to create social bubbles around India and the world where people can interact with one another and the different game elements and experience the culture, feel, and vibe of the particular location.