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Ask: 70.00L for 1% At Valuation: 70.00Cr

Deal: 70.00L for 2.75% At Valuation: 25.45Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Healthy Potato Chips

Founders: Anish Basu Roy, Sagar Bhalotia

Pitch No. 4
Season 1, Episode: 2
Titled: Insaan, Ideas Aur Sapne

About Tagz Foods

We are a GenZ snack brand that crafts innovative, lip-smacking n fitter snacks, as lit as the generation we stand for ! We simply hate the mass-produced fried fatty and the boring baked snacks being sold by brands older than our dad. We love travel, music, sports and being outdoors. We live on instagram and you can find us with #lifeisoutdoors #activelife #fitlitsnacktivity. And yeah, we like folks who are smart enough to read and understand the nutrition labels at the back of our snack packs. P.S - To do all the fun that we do, we incorporated in June 2019 in the awesome weather of Bangalore. Feel free to drop by and jam with us - we wont ask you fill up your name on some stupid security register, promise!