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Ask: 5 for 5% At Valuation: 0

Deal: 5 for 5% At Valuation: 0

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Idea: Coconut based beverage franchise

Founders: Sashi Kanth V

Pitch No. 45
Season 1, Episode: 15
Titled: It's Time To Change

About Cocofit

“Coconut meeting fitness”; what more is required to opt for COCOFIT?! COCONUT is the biggest brand on this planet and our ALMA MATER. COCOFIT has come so far since its beginning and our love for coconuts, the care and effort that we put with passion has paid off. COCOFIT as a team, strongly condemns the use of preservatives right from coconut water till coconut ice creams. Our menu is completely PRESERVATIVE FREE. And we do not indulge in PASTEURIZATION process. Our roots are from nature and everything that we serve is NATURAL. We serve coconut juices, dairy free (shakes, smoothies and ice creams) at the most affordable and reachable price. As coconuts are the richest asset of the country, we are focused and committed towards taking coconuts completely to a different level starting from hygiene, taste, quality and quantity. We serve 65+ different variants of products, which we have discovered solely from coconut and its family. We serve the same with innovation across all the cocofit outlets with tons of dedication towards our customers and assure the best of consumer experience. We strive, respect and work hard every second taking our demigod to a new level with a delicious serving that would be a life changing experience.All hail the almighty coconut. A complete ball of joy, goodness and a dollop of fun. We know it’s good for you and you know it too. Coconut packed with numerous nutrients, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Medically coconut water is considered pure it can cure and detox all toxic and polluting substances. It's also an elixir of life that keeps your complexion youthful and fresh.We provide a fabulous range to choose amongst coconut coolers, coconut shakes, coconut smoothies, coconut coffees, coconut specials, coconut ice creams, coconut sodas, coconut stone ice creams, and coconut signature items.No Doubting the coconut is the megastar of our show. But we’re not just about providing the tasty good stuff. Our ethics are pretty delicious too. We work with Indian farmers across different regions of Karnataka, Chennai, and Andhra Pradesh. We care about the farmers and the coconuts, right from tree to bottles. Long long ago lived a mighty king, named “COCO”, who never stepped back to help and keep people happy. One day a sage visited the kingdom and got delighted with the hospitality of the king. Overjoyed sage blessed the king with a wish, to which the king asked for being able to serve the people even after-life by staying at God’s Feet! After the king passed away, he was cremated and from there arose a TREE; growing so tall that it touched the sky and bore a big nut. Everyone called it COCOnut, waiting for it to rise and reach the ground. One fine morning the coconut fell off and everyone believed the consumption of its water would bring healthy life and if used as an offering to God would bestow fortune! In honor of the COCO King and his humble motto of helping people, we are a family following him to uphold his vision of serving everyone on the globe. Come and experience the best of COCONUT Offerings.