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Ask: 75.00L for 7% At Valuation: 10.71Cr

No Deal

Idea: Dog Hygiene

Founders: Jessica Madan, Lakkshya Sawhney

Pitch No. 47
Season 1, Episode: 16
Titled: Winning The Sharks Trust

About Flying Fur

Our mobile salon is equipped with hot and cold running water for a comfortable bathing experience, heat and air for easy drying, a full sized tub, and an adjustable grooming table. We provide personal, uninterrupted attention for you and your pet in a quiet, stress-free setting. Our mobile salon offers a safe, sanitary and healthy environment where pets are never put in crates or cages. A mobile salon is perfect for senior pets, pets that experience car sickness, or suffer separation anxiety. All our mobile vans are fully cleaned and sanitized after each service to ensure complete safety and proper hygiene.Our groomers are professionally trained and have an experience of more than 10 years in the pet grooming space. Our loving and caring staff gives full attention to your preferences and takes care of your furry baby with utmost gentleness and affection. Our groomers also go through regular brush up courses to keep in sync with the latest styles and techniques for a complete pet makeover.