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KolkataWest Bengal

Ask: 75.00L for 4% At Valuation: 18.75Cr

Deal: 75.00L for 15% At Valuation: 5.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Liquid Water Enhancer

Founders: Shachi Singhania, Devang Singhania

Pitch No. 48
Season 1, Episode: 16
Titled: Winning The Sharks Trust

About Beyond Water

Beyond is an expression of what we stand for. Going Beyond the ordinary. Taking a leap and going that extra mile. Beyond stands for an elevation that constantly goes further, ALWAYS. We are in an endeavor to go beyond our limit every new day, to gain back people’s trust in food and beverage and empower each individual with the ability to customize what they consume. We offer you Health, Hydration and Convenience and aim to be your go to drink, using the highest quality ingredients that are all natural and very tasty. We came to life in the year 2020, with a clear mission of promoting natural and tasty hydration solutions for everyone. We want, for US, to evolve beyond the ordinary water. Water is quite boring right? Even though it is really good for you, it’s just bland and tasteless! Maybe that’s why you don’t drink much of it. This is where we step in. We are a portable, economical, convenient, customizable and conscious way to make drinking water more fun. We are here to empower you with choice and convenience. So let’s add life to it now and make you love water again. Beyond water enables you to sip and remain hydrated throughout the day. With our four curated flavors that give your body the daily dose of vitamins without compromising on taste and you can remain hydrated and healthy on the go. The process of crafting a perfect product for you started from us collaborating with local vendors and suppliers to control the quality at different levels to bring you the freshest and most natural ingredients.