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Ask: 90.00L for 3% At Valuation: 30.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Thin Crust Pizza

Founders: Pratibha Kanoi, Vikaas S Kanoi, Visshaal S Kanoi

Pitch No. 54
Season 1, Episode: 18
Titled: Investing In Profitable Businesses

About Mommy's Kitchen

A dream that I’ve nursed since my very first encounter with the oven has now burgeoned into a full-fledged enterprise that has carved its special place in the culinary world. With the vision of gracing the palettes of every food lover, I aim to bring intimate gastronomic experiences in their lives that not only excite their taste buds but bring in a dash of aspirations and dreams all enclosed in a box of delicacies. At the age of 67 years, I’ve set foot in the entrepreneurial world with my very own venture: Mömmy’s Kitchen with our very own assortment of specialty pizzas. As I continue donning the chef’s hat and serving sumptuous meals to my Mömmy’s Kitchen family which includes leading celebrities, politicians, and industrialists, my tryst with my newly found passion has opened a new chapter in my life.