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Ask: 50.00L for 4% At Valuation: 12.50Cr

No Deal

Idea: Hemp Food Products

Founders: Jayanti Bhattacharya

Pitch No. 55
Season 1, Episode: 18
Titled: Investing In Profitable Businesses

About India Hemp and Co

India Hemp & Co. was created and is curated by Jayanti and Shalini Bhattacharya, two sisters living across the world from each other - one in Bangalore, India and the other in Barcelona, Spain. Their active life styles led them to explore healthy and natural alternatives to typical food choices in everyday life. As a family of nature-lovers, we've spent a lot of our time in the jungles and hills connecting with nature and wildlife. We've come across a number of herbal plants including Hemp, which drew us in - locals in the mountains have been reaping-benefits of this highly sustainable plant for centuries now. Hemp is a gift from the Himalayas, waiting to be rediscovered and snatched back from the mists of time. It is both nutritious and great for the environment, proven to be an effective tool against deforestation as well as in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere - we now feel responsible for not just protecting it but actively promoting Hemp. Mis-understood for decades, Hemp is poised to re-emerge into the sunlight and take its place as a versatile and ultra-healthy lifestyle choice in nutrition, wellness & personal care and clothing. As creative problem-solvers and entrepreneurs, we would like to merge our love for nature along with our worlds of sport, art, and business to demystify this plant and bring to your table some natural, nutritious goodness, from the hills.