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Electrical Vehicles


Ask: 1.00Cr for 1% At Valuation: 100.00Cr

Deal: 1.00L for 1% and 99.00L Debt At Valuation: 1.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Electric Auto Vehicle

Founders: Kanav Manchanda, Kshitij Bajaj

Pitch No. 56
Season 1, Episode: 18
Titled: Investing In Profitable Businesses

About Otua

The term Dandera, is inspired by the Egyptian word Dendara,\nthat was used to describe an age old Egyptian electrical lighting\ntechnique. Just as the ancient Egyptians, thought of techniques\nfar ahead of their time as they built the mighty pyramids, we\nhere at Dandera aim to bring to the subcontinent vehicles, that\nhave advanced and sophisticated technologies that are the\nneed of the hour - for the planet and its people.Dandera was born to cater to the growing need for abject\nscarcity of an alternative to combustible fuel engines.\nThe idea is to device technologies suitable to commercial\nvehicles and sustainable by the owner and the world\nwe live in. At the same time, nurture a healthy\nand profitable working ecosystem.