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Ask: 50.00L for 2.5% At Valuation: 20.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Funeral Service

Founders: Shruthi Reddy

Pitch No. 57
Season 1, Episode: 18
Titled: Investing In Profitable Businesses

About Anthyesti

The body is constituted of five elements and if goes back to the five elements (as conceptualised In the colours of the logo) by virtue of bodily actions, what is there to be lamented for? The earth, ocean and even deities are bound to be destroyed. The same fate awaits the universe which has arisen like a bubble. How can it escape destruction? Thus, he should speak to them about the transient nature of life, while they ail sit o the soft grass in the courtyard of the cremation ground.As an eco-conscious organization, we do everything in our power to be mindful of the environment. Our green burial initiative is designed to promote a sustainable future without disrupting the sanctity of the funeral service.