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Ask: 15.00L for 5% At Valuation: 3.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Leather-free Shoes

Founders: Pankaj Khabiya

Pitch No. 58
Season 1, Episode: 19
Titled: Forming An Idea And Bagging A Deal

About Ethik

It is no coincidence that Ethik is born in the land where non violence is considered the greatest virtue. We are activists for a leather free world and we will never buy the argument that animal skin must be used to amplify a human's fashion quotient or adorn their homes & cars. Ethik is a Leather Free Fashion Label for men based of India's Silicon Valley, Bengaluru. Launched in 2012, Ethik has been the brand of choice for those who believe in making sustainable, conscious, cruelty free stylish choices.Our shoes, belts, wallets & accessories are of superior quality, ethically crafted & built to last. Over the years, our brand has had it's fair share of success, failures & insights. Armed with these insights from the past we have laid the foundation for a sustainable future with an enviable collection of premium fashion products.