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Ask: 50.00L for 5% At Valuation: 10.00Cr

Deal: 60.00L for 10% At Valuation: 6.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Livestock health monitoring AI

Founders: Sreeshankar Nair

Pitch No. 59
Season 1, Episode: 19
Titled: Forming An Idea And Bagging A Deal


Brainwired is an AgriTech company focused on providing unique livestock health monitoring and tracking solution (named WeSTOCK ) which enables our farmers to maximize their profits at a reduced expense. Our solution is customizable and makes it easy for farmers to adapt to their farms. At Brainwired our vision goes beyond customer satisfaction to forging strong bonds with our customers for prolonged cooperation. Our features include: 1. automated health monitoring system. 2. cloud based storage for storing livestock biodata (medical history, feed weight..etc.) 3. personalised notifications 4. mobile application as interface for easy communication with other farmers 5. access to veterinary doctors 6. access to online blogs on animal husbandry 7 automated weight measurement. 8 Geo Fencing 9 RFID based tracking system 10 Easy to use interface"