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Ask: 1.50Cr for 1.25% At Valuation: 120.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Customised Keto Diets for various medical issues

Founders: Sahil Pruthi

Pitch No. 60
Season 1, Episode: 19
Titled: Forming An Idea And Bagging A Deal

About Keto India

My name Is Sahil Pruthi and I’m the founder of KetoIndia, we are India’s largest Keto Consulting company. I left a career as Product Manager at one of India’s largest Healthcare tech firms to start KetoIndia. We realized that the food isn’t just about the calories that you consume, but also about the macro and micronutrients you get from it, from the hormonal impact that nutrition has on you. A huge chunk of the Indian is facing chronic issues like weight gain, PCOS, diabetes, thyroid which are because of a pure lifestyle and nutrition – and we at KetoIndia aim to just solve that. With our panel of certified nutritionists on board, we have been able to help over 3000+ clients from 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe to not just lose weight, but also help reverse their PCOS(in women), diabetes and thyroid keeping in mind their busy lifestyle, their travel schedule and their work timings.