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Ask: 50.00L for 2% At Valuation: 25.00Cr

Deal: 1.00Cr for 10% At Valuation: 10.00Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Can Cocktails

Founders: Sameer Mirajkar

Pitch No. 64
Season 1, Episode: 20
Titled: A Variety Of Ideas

About IN A CAN

The scene is the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Everyone is staying at home and everything is shut, including bars. Such was the situation for Sameer Mirajkar and Viraj Sawant. For them, staying at home was fine but the lack of a good drink was not. So, with all their home bar equipment and essential mixology skill, they created their favourite whiskey cocktail. But, sourcing the ingredients was tedious! They imagined what life could be like if everything they needed for a perfect drink could be in one place. The rest, as they say, is history. Three people who love fantastic cocktails and adore convenience even more, came together to found InACan.The InACan experience is a unique concept in the Indian market. Delicious, low-calorie cocktails that can just sit, ready-to-go, in your fridge. Experience the satisfying snap of a can, the sounds of the drink effervescing, the delightful aromatics that tickle your nose and a fantastic, satisfying flavour that satiates your desires with every InACan cocktail!