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JammuJammu & Kashmir

Ask: 47.00L for 10% At Valuation: 4.70Cr

Deal: 25.00L for 75% and 22.00L Debt At Valuation: 33.00L

Investment By:


Idea: Inventions

Founders: Siddarth Gupta

Pitch No. 66
Season 1, Episode: 21
Titled: Game-changing Ideas

About Sid07 Designs

To build a world where everyone can live a joyful everyday life through products that are not just indispensably useful but also environmentally sustainable and economically accessible.We create ingenious products for the everyday life.Incorporated with a mission to make breakthrough inventions, not just once but every single day, SID07 (pronounced 'sidseven') Designs was founded by Siddarth on 22nd March, 2018 in Jammu, India.vel. The quality of everyone's lives is dictated by the joy and satisfaction that they can draw from the basic activities that they take up in their daily lives, be it interacting with their loved ones, decorating their homes, driving to work or just enjoying their morning coffee. These activities and the encompassing experiences are what constitute the fundamental building blocks of everyone's lives. With everything that we do at SID07 Designs, our primary endeavor is to improve life at this fundamental level for everyone.We do that by solving chronic, and often overlooked, problems faced by the masses through engineering and design. Many times, people go through these basic or fundamental activities of their lives without realizing that there could be better, more efficient, greener, less cumbersome, or less costly ways of doing the same thing. We have an eye for detecting the limitations in the ways these activities are performed. We also have the expertise to address or eliminate these limitations through disciplined product development.We design, develop, produce and market products that are sustainable, ingenious and accessible. We do not just slightly improve the already existing products, we disrupt them by designing and developing completely novel physical products that are never seen, never heard and never done ever before. When we design, develop, produce and market these products, we strive to make sure that they are cost-wise accessible to the vast majority of people and the load they put on the environment throughout manufacturing, transport and actual use is minimal, if not zero! Eleven Inventions. Three Patents Granted. Two Patents Pending. Till date, we have made eleven product inventions spanning categories like power tools, automotive tooling, domestic hydraulic fittings, sustainable food containers, desk organizers and more. Two out of these inventions are patent pending, three are registered patents in India and others are in patent filing pipeline.