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Ask: 75.00L for 5% At Valuation: 15.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Toilet Spray with Essential Oils


Pitch No. 69
Season 1, Episode: 22
Titled: Turning Ideas Into Businesses

About Poo-de-cologne

Shit happens! In fact on an average a healthy adult generates about 312 pounds of poop every year, weighing almost as much as a panda bear - just not as cute. It REEKS…making you flush with embarrassment. Some mornings it’s so bad you’re actually scared it may wake up the still sleepy neighborhood, or worse still - if you make a stinky at a party with guests lining up outside or remember that time when you downloaded your software in office and hid inside waiting for the other stalls to empty out before you could rush unseen to the safety of your cubicle. The good news is that with Poo-de-Cologne before-you-do-no.2 toilet spray we have devised a way to to take the stink out of your soils. With Poo-de-cologne before-u-do-no.2 toilet spray not only do you not soil the air, but you actually leave the toilet smelling like a field of flowers. With Poo-de-cologne before-u-do-no.2 toilet spray say bye-bye to your worries of smelling up the loo in you home, in your offices or in hotel rooms. Poo-de-cologne before-u-do-no.2 toilet spray Confidence to leave the loo. Consideration for those in queue. ​