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Ask: 75.00L for 4% At Valuation: 18.75Cr

Deal: 75.00L for 6% At Valuation: 12.50Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Disposable Urine Bag

Founders: Siddhant Tawarawala

Pitch No. 8
Season 1, Episode: 3
Titled: Aam Aadmi Ke Business Ideas

About Peeschute

As an entrepreneurial ambition we at Wide Need believe that world needs more sustainable, environmental and handy solutions for human pee problems. With a strong belief that women employment in rural areas can boost the Indian economy we are continuously engaged in providing maximum training and employment opportunities to rural women in India having a 60:40 gender ratio, women being the majority. No dependence on unhygienic public toilets or on care takers to get you urinal pots when you want to pee.Easy to use & dispose.ISO 9001:2015 certified [No. 18DQER36]. Light-weight, fits in your pockets. Gel formula ensures no spillage or splashing of liquid. You can pee at your own free will, in a safe & hygienic manner. The sealing off of the Peeschute bag with granules ensures no leakage of smell from the bag.