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KolkataWest Bengal

Ask: 65.00L for 1% At Valuation: 65.00Cr

Deal: 65.00L for 3% At Valuation: 21.67Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Handicrafts

Founders: Ranodeep Saha, Vijay Kumar TR

Pitch No. 84
Season 1, Episode: 26
Titled: Revolutionary Ideas

About Rare Planet

Before you start reading about us, we hope you’re doing safe and healthy, doing wonders! Oh, hope you’re doing well mentally too! Childhood was fun and easy, while reminiscing over the childhood days, some of us will definitely remember storing weird things for ourselves, thinking that we’ll end up doing something creative with it. As kids most of us loved painting on cups, mugs, in fact anything and everything under the sun. Who knew on could relive their childhood for years and create an economic base through this. Let’s travel to the remote areas of our city or may be the village areas, which is still hesitantly stuck on the developing stage. It is a hub of creativity. The local people out there are marvelous artists. Creativity flows from their end to the city. Be it pottery skills or painting, they’re impeccable! Rare Planet is a place of talent, a recent start up provided a huge platform to these incredible talents, to showcase their creativity. Since 2015 it focuses on selling the products, such as mugs, copper bottles, cups plates and etc. Now guess what? All of them are handmade and hand painted by the local artisans. They local artisans have finally received recognition for their talent and are able to create a strong financial foundation as well. One of the specialities of this space is Kulhads. Remember sipping in that kadak chai at the railway station in those clay cups? Or having butter milk or curd after a tiring day? Yes exactly, those Kulhads are given a new definition in here. They’re hand painted and given a aesthetic touch along with the the promise of durability . The same process is followed for all the products, from cups to coffee mugs to cake and nut bowls and even notebooks, Rare Planet is a jack of all. A variety of ceramic, copper, terracotta and handmade products in a handful of days it has proved to be one of the best products. Te am Rare Planet has provided a space for empowerment, be it men or women . Most of the artists in here are women. They make beautiful products everyday with passion, hardwork, love and care. Through the local artisan have actually receive the fruit of their creativity and gradually they’re reaching heights everyday. Icing on the cake is, Rare Planet has and is still contributing in the education funds for children of these local artists. A fair share of money is contributed to this noble cause so that people dream big! The products are sold via ecommerce and offline retails. One can grab the products through our official website or if you’re travelling and you suddenly stop by a colourful and aesthetic vibe, that’s us! That’s our store! Your wish is our command, from chai to munchies to cakes and even bottles, oops! Your to-do list, we’re here for you!