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Ask: 101 for 2% At Valuation: 0

Deal: 101 for 4% At Valuation: 0

Investment By:


Idea: Ventilated PPE Kits

Founders: Nihaal Singh Adarsh

Pitch No. 86
Season 1, Episode: 27
Titled: Investing In The Future Of India

About Watt Technovations

The Polypropylene fibre 3-layered filter filters out particles up-to 0.3 microns giving the Cov-Tech Ventilation System an overall efficiency of more than 95%. Understand how the Cov-Tech Ventilation System works in under 100 seconds through this video. The entire assembly weighs only 750 grams. Carefully designed after numerous iterations, to deliver the best results in the least space. Helps to reduce the mist/fog formed on the face shield of the suit. Designed to be controlled from outside the PPE suit, no inside contamination. Fastens on the waist giving the user complete freedom of movement. Three levels of dampening to reduce Noise and Vibration even at a high RPM.