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Ask: 75.00L for 5% At Valuation: 15.00Cr

Deal: 75.00L for 21% At Valuation: 3.57Cr

Investment By:


Idea: Jackfruit Products


Pitch No. 92
Season 1, Episode: 29
Titled: Businesses Of Tomorrow

About Wakao Foods

Wakao Foods is India’s first Brand that makes products from the superfood – Jackfruit.This Goa-based sustainable food brand offers handpicked natural products with a vision of benefiting the planet. The company stands for creating a better tomorrow – one where humanity thrives, with products that are curated from ethically grown and sourced produce that is then hygienically processed and packaged. All Wakao products have no preservatives with a shelf life of 1 year and require no refrigeration. We offer a range of naturally grown, plant-based products in ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook forms. Our current focus product is Jackfruit and we will expand our offerings to include multiple food products, sources and categories in the near future! At Wakao, we are passionate about healthy, sustainable food. Our goal is to bring ethically sourced, sustainably grown food to our customer’s dinner table and explore alternative foods in our search for wholesome products that are good for our customers’ health and also great for our planet. We support cruelty-free food and a vegan way of life.