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Ask: 75.00L for 3% At Valuation: 25.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Stainless Steel Items

Founders: Chirag Visaria, Sneha Visaria

Pitch No. 93
Season 1, Episode: 29
Titled: Businesses Of Tomorrow

About PDD Falcon

A healthy and safe alternative to plastic storage, Drinkware and kitchenware is Stainless steel. This is a commonly known fact but when you go to find out those alternatives you don't get the benefits of Plasticware in stainless steel viz. Leak proof , modern and attractive and the options available were unreliable. Made us wonder why there is no reliable and customer centric Stainless steel kitchen storage brand? This gave us the idea for - Pdd Falcon. PDD FALCON PDD Falcon is the flagship brand of parent company Prazision deep draw Pvt. Ltd. India’s No.1 original equipment manufacturer for Mixer Grinder Jar, Since 1985. PDD Falcon journey was embarked in August 2017. Mr. Chirag Visaria and Mrs. Sneha Visaria together aspired to make PDD Falcon, the leading Stainless Home and Kitchenware brand of the country. The pioneering spirit of the founders have broadened the boundaries. Why PDD Falcon ? We started to design and manufacture double wall color coated stainless steel airtight containers and drinkware products in 2017. This idea was incepted by our founder and we initiated it as a tribute to him on his first death anniversary. The product designing came to me ( Sneha Visaria- Brand director) from my own problems as a Mother. When I used to take my 2 year old to garden I always used to carry makhana or fruits along. The steel container then was very inferior in quality and didn't serve my purpose. Thus we made TUFF airtight containers and lunch box series. Later, I was looking for a safe alternative for transition of my son from bottle to sipper. What I found is only costly Chinese products which were very difficult to clean and bulky. Thus we designed the first every stainless steel sipper straw glass with attractive colors, cleaning brush and leak proof lids. It instantly became a hit and we got a huge consumer feedback .The more we heard the consumer the better we evolved as a brand every passing day. The customer gave us a problem and we served it by a product. In no time we were a range of more than 300 + stainless steel products in range of Lunchbox , Drinkware , steel baby bottles ,veg chopper and kitchen storage containers. In a short time we have achieved - 300+ stainless steel products. 500000+ happy customers. Reached more than 17500 pin codes. 400 + team members Encashing of 35+ years of expertise in stainless steel kitchenware manufacturing.