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Ask: 50.00L for 7.5% At Valuation: 6.67Cr

No Deal

Idea: Scholarship Platform

Founders: Mayank Pareek

Pitch No. 98
Season 1, Episode: 30
Titled: Sharks Ki Expertise

About Scholify

Scholify is a revolutionary platform, designed to enable companies to get maximum productivity and various other additional benefits to companies contributing or willing to contribute to the society with their CSR functions. CSR in itself is a very broad term and we understand the real-time operational challenges as well as the importance it holds for the companies like none other. Scholify presents a platform that helps companies execute their CSR initiative in an unparalleled and seamless fashion. Our platform is dedicated to assisting companies making diligent efforts to fight some of the biggest real-world problems like disparity in education, employability, and poverty. We believe that proper education is the strongest tool to eradicate these problems in the most effective. With our technology-based solutions, we ensure companies the most of their CSR campaigns.