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VaranasiUttar Pradesh

Ask: 50.00L for 10% At Valuation: 5.00Cr

No Deal

Idea: Handmade Reusable Scrap Materials

Founders: Shikha Shah, Madhu Shah

Pitch No. 99
Season 1, Episode: 31
Titled: Entrepreneurship Ki Raah

About Scrapshala

Scrapshala provides service of repair and restoration of old furniture to make it look new. It also prevent furniture from further deterioration. Charges for this service can be shared after receiving the photos of the old article, physically examining the article and understanding the expectation of the client.Scrapshala believes in 4 core values while designing a zero-waste event 1. Sourcing the raw material ethically and locally 2. Handcrafting the customized artisanal decor items 3. Choosing biodegradable or upcycled material for single-use decor 4. Designing reusable items of high quality and strength 4. Connecting client to local vendors for services other than decor 5. Channelizing food and flower waste to better use after the event